Cycling Friendly Holidays in the Lake District

The increase in the number of cyclists has increased tenfold in the last few years and even more so since the outstanding results for British cyclists in the Tour de France and the amazing team effort of the GB cycling team in the last three Olympics. All these accomplishments have greatly contributed to the following much uttered description “Cycling is the new golf”!

Cycling is obviously appealing for so many reasons with each person taking to a bike for different gains and enjoyment. It also happens to be an activity the whole family can do from small children to teenagers and parents and even grandparents, a 3 generational activity.

langdale lake district cottages

When driving and walking around in and around the Lake District, the amount of bikes being transported on cars is very evident, multiple bikes in most cases. It is now quicker, safer and easier to transport bikes with the latest bike racks on the market. What can often be the stumbling block when looking to take bikes away on holiday is storage at the accommodation venue. A bike can easily be worth upwards of £2000 and such a commodity really needs safe and secure storage and preferably, out of sight storage.

A self catering cottage or lodge can be a more suitable choice of holiday accommodation when requiring secure bike storage. They naturally are more likely to have a garage, shed and outhouse or perhaps a utility room or other form of storage facility that can accommodate bikes. On another practical note, having a washing machine after the inevitable rainy, muddy bike ride is a great plus!

The Langdale Estate has a number of self catering properties with private storage facilities, perfect for storing bikes and of course, its location is extremely suited for cyclists of all abilities including those who fancy tackling the biggie….Hardknott Pass! The Langdale Estate’s Active website,, also has a selection of handy, detailed road and mountain biking routes with all the info you need on sights to see on the way and terrain.

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